Vladlen Koltun



I am the Chief Scientist for Intelligent Systems at Intel. I direct the Intelligent Systems Lab, which conducts high-impact basic research in computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and related areas. We have offices in Silicon Valley, Munich, and Bangalore. We are hiring research scientists, research engineers, postdocs, and interns in all locations. Email me with your CV if interested.


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Paper published in Science Robotics and featured on the cover

Learning Quadrupedal Locomotion over Challenging Terrain was published in Science Robotics and featured on the journal’s cover. The paper presents a radically robust legged locomotion controller for rough terrain and demonstrates remarkable zero-shot generalization from simulation to natural environments. The controller retains its robustness under conditions that have never been encountered during training: deformable terrain such as mud and snow, dynamic footholds such as rubble, and overground impediments such as thick vegetation and gushing water.