Vladlen Koltun



I direct the Intel Visual Computing Lab, a young and growing lab devoted to basic research. We are hiring interns, postdocs, and staff researchers. Feel free to email me. For more information on my work, take a look at the publications.


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Latest News
Visual Doom AI Competition

Visual Doom AI Competition

Our entry won the Visual Doom AI Competition. The competition evaluates sensorimotor control models that act in three-dimensional environments based on raw sensory input. Our entry, IntelAct, placed first in the “Full deathmatch” track, which takes place in previously unseen environments. Our model was trained end-to-end: from pixels to actions. It learns to act from raw experience, without human gameplay or other “expert” supervision. The work is based on an approach to sensorimotor control that will be presented in a forthcoming research paper. A video preview is available.