Vladlen Koltun



I am a Distinguished Scientist at Apple. I am building a new international research organization. We are hiring. Email me with your CV if interested.

Prior to Apple, I was the Chief Scientist for Intelligent Systems at Intel, where I built an international research lab, based on four continents, that produced high-impact results in robotics, computer vision, image synthesis, machine learning, and other areas. I have mentored more than 50 PhD students, postdocs, research scientists, and PhD student interns, many of whom are now successful research leaders.

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Latest News

SIGGRAPH Test-of-Time Award

The paper Optimizing Locomotion Controllers Using Biologically-Based Actuators and Objectives received the ACM SIGGRAPH Test-of-Time Award at SIGGRAPH 2023. The award “recognizes highly influential papers published in SIGGRAPH conferences that have made a significant impact over the past 10 years or more”. This is the first year of this annual award, for which all papers presented at SIGGRAPH conferences from 2011 to 2013 were considered. Four papers were selected for the award.