Vladlen Koltun


I am a Senior Principal Researcher and the director of the Intelligent Systems Lab at Intel. The lab is devoted to high-impact basic research on intelligent systems. We have offices in Silicon Valley, California and Munich, Germany. We are hiring interns, postdocs, and staff researchers in both locations. Our work is published primarily in computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and graphics conferences.

I also direct the Intel Network on Intelligent Systems, a large-scale investment in academic research. The network funds many of the leading university labs in Europe.

Feel free to email me. For more information on my work, take a look at the publications.

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Latest News

Paper published in Science Robotics

Learning Agile and Dynamic Motor Skills for Legged Robots was published in Science Robotics. The paper introduces a method for training a neural network policy in simulation and transferring it to a state-of-the-art legged system. The approach is applied to the ANYmal robot, a sophisticated medium-dog–sized quadrupedal machine. Using policies trained in simulation, the robot achieves locomotion skills that go beyond what had been achieved with prior methods: ANYmal is capable of precisely and energy-efficiently following high-level body velocity commands, running faster than before, and recovering from falling even in complex configurations.