Vladlen Koltun



I am a Distinguished Scientist at Apple. I am building a new international research organization. We are hiring. Email me with your CV if interested.

Prior to Apple, I was the Chief Scientist for Intelligent Systems at Intel, where I built an international research lab, based on four continents, that produced high-impact results in robotics, computer vision, image synthesis, machine learning, and other areas. I have mentored more than 50 PhD students, postdocs, research scientists, and PhD student interns, many of whom are now successful research leaders.

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Latest News

Paper published in Science Robotics

Learning high-speed flight in the wild was published in Science Robotics. The paper presents an end-to-end approach to autonomous high-speed flight through complex natural and human-made environments, with purely onboard sensing and computation. The flight is controlled by a convolutional network that maps noisy sensory observations to collision-free trajectories in a receding-horizon fashion. It is trained exclusively in simulation via privileged learning.