Adaptive Surface Reconstruction with Multiscale Convolutional Kernels


We propose generalized convolutional kernels for 3D reconstruction with ConvNets from point clouds. Our method uses multiscale convolutional kernels that can be applied to adaptive grids as generated with octrees. In addition to standard kernels in which each element has a distinct spatial location relative to the center, our elements have a distinct relative location as well as a relative scale level. Making our kernels span multiple resolutions allows us to apply ConvNets to adaptive grids for large problem sizes where the input data is sparse but the entire domain needs to be processed. Our ConvNet architecture can predict the signed and unsigned distance fields for large data sets with millions of input points and is faster and more accurate than classic energy minimization or recent learning approaches. We demonstrate this in a zero-shot setting where we only train on synthetic data and evaluate on the Tanks and Temples dataset of real-world large-scale 3D scenes.